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“Being only 10 pounds overweight increases the force on the knee by 30 to 60 pounds with every step.” – John Hopkins Medicine, March 27. 2012, Dr. Susan Bartlett

As a Certified Fitness Instructor, many times my clients would ask me for diet advice to assist in weight loss. Exercising is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  But it is only one piece of the puzzle. Your diet is another major contributing factor to weight. So I began to tell my clients how I lost weight and have kept it off through aerobic exercise, weight training, and healthy eating. One aspect of my healthy diet is meal replacement. Motivated by my clients, I decided to put together a special weight loss program designed to truly help people lose weight in a safe and healthy way. This program combines a variety of different products and services to offer you a convenient and effective way to lose weight, and keep it off.

Benefits of the Healthy Living with Lisa Weight Loss Program

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of clients struggle with the challenge of losing weight, even though they were coming to my fitness classes on a regular basis. As mentioned, exercising by itself is not enough for weight loss. Especially as we get older. Based on my experience, I’ve put together a weight loss program that really works. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you participate in the Healthy Living with Lisa Weight Loss Program:

  •      Delicious meal replacement shakes, high in nutrients and protein
  •      Replace 1-2 meals per day based on how quickly you want to lose weight
  •      Free daily coaching
  •      Free daily Facebook group (private to members only)
  •      Free healthy and easy-to-make recipes
  •      Easy access to a Certified Fitness Instructor who will provide answers to any of your questions
  •      Free grocery shopping lists and menu planners
  •      Weekly weigh-ins, report privately online
  •      Free 2 week Louisville YMCA membership, which includes a free 1-hour session with a fitness coach
  •      30-day weight loss program
  •      Free nutritional education daily

Join the Healthy Living with Lisa Weight Loss Program Now

If you are interested in a weight loss program that offers a safe and healthy way to lose weight, I have a great option for you. My weight loss program features specific Arbonne products along with many extras including delicious recipes, grocery shopping lists, free daily coaching, private weekly weigh-ins, and easy access to a Certified Fitness Instructor for answers to any questions you might have.

In order to join our program, please do the following:


2. Click on the “Join Arbonne” link in the upper right corner

how to join arbonne

3. Choose from 3 ways to join our program. You can join for FREE as a Client, or you can join as a Preferred Client for a 20% savings, or you can join as an Independent Consultant for a 35% discount.

3 ways to join arbonne

4.  After you choose how you want to join, fill in the “Know a Consultant?” field with:
First Name: Lisa
Last Name: Hensgen

And click the “Search” button.

5. Once you select Lisa Hensgen as your Independent Consultant, choose “Become A Client” (See Below)

6. Fill Out A Brief Info Form and you are ready to begin by selecting our recommended weight loss products. We support three program levels with specific products recommended for each. Learn more about recommended weight loss products for our three WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM levels.